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Nets at Britannic
Interested in a socially distanced net at Britannic?
Click on the above link for a handy guide of how to book one.
Available to all Fitmen 2020 members

Thu 11th Jun, 13:36
Net at Britannic - May 2020 MACC statement
Click above for more information on nets at Britannic
All information on the Ashfield website supersedes anything here
Thu 11th Jun, 13:36
NHS COVID-19 Advice 2020
NHS Guidelines
Please adhere to current (April 2020) Government and NHS guidelines.
Wed 15th Apr, 10:33
GOV COVID-19 Advice 2020
Government guidelines
Please adhere to current (April 2020) Government and NHS guidelines.

Wed 15th Apr, 10:33
Alan Thomas tribute
See 'News' for our tribute to Alan 'Thommo' Thomas.
Wed 15th Apr, 10:32
Alan "Thommo" Thomas
It came with great sadness to hear of the sudden loss of our friend Alan Thomas
Old Mo Fitmen Chairman, Tony Caesar, remembers the great character
Sat 31st Aug, 10:07
FitFest 2018
Sunday 17th June sees the first annual FitFest 7-a-side tournament
6 teams over one afternoon with beer, BBQ, music, World Cup and stalls
If you want a game, just turn up and you'll certainly get a go
Mon 11th Jun, 8:44
Nets 2018
First net of 2018 starts Wednesday 10th Jan - 8-9pm - Edgbaston - £5.
Text TomC to reserve your place - space on first come first served basis.
New Players Welcome – get in touch via contact@fitmen.org.uk
Fri 5th Jan, 9:50
Running for Bham Childrens Hospital
Click on the link above and donate for Habib!
Thu 1st Jun, 14:13
50th Game - Sunday 5th June
Big match this weekend with joint birthday celebrations
Fitmen v Veterans match at Ashfield - 5th June @ 2pm
Roll on roll off teams - everyone gets a game - let TomC know
Wed 1st Jun, 17:10

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