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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 7 / 8 / 2011 WMD Home (YW) Lost by 150 runs. Oppo 280-4. Old Mo 130


A game of three halves………….and a pitch of 4 halves

WMD 280-4 (40 overs)
Fitmen 130 all out (37 overs)
WMD won by 150 runs

Now we’re normally pretty good losers……we’ve had enough practice over the years……but………..

The game was slated to start at 1.30 since darkness falls earlier from about now on. Oddly enough, we are all there and ready, but the toss was conducted at about 1.45 still without a full compliment of opposition. Etiquette normally dictates that the side without the full team concedes the toss……………………..not on this occasion.

The toss was won by the visitors who elected to bat and by the time play stated ( a full 30 minutes late) still had stragglers turning up – but this disadvantage was negated by the winning toss.

The track looked dry at one end and encouragingly green at the other……………as it happened it was pretty flat and batter friendly from both! However that’s not to take anything away form the WMD batsmen who applied themselves diligently particularly against probably Raj’s best bowling spell for a couple of years. 8 overs on the trot that produced accuracy and swing – and so unlucky not to pick up the wickets he deserved.

The other end was also tight with Ash doing his stuff but, once the batsmen had worked out the contrasting conditions at either end, it was pretty much plain sailing with consistent height and little to help the bowler.

During an idle moment a glance round the pitch showed 6 keepers on the Fitmen side –or at least 6 who had kept wicket for the Fitmen in the recent past. With chuntterer-in-chief Tucker in possession of the pads, he led the chirruping and reminders to the square leg ump to keep his eye on the dancing batsmen

The first break through came with the first change bowler as TC bowled the opener - immediately after a confident lbw shout was rejected. By this time the century stand had come up and the portents for the rest of the innings were set.
Despite respectable bowling and the application of wicket taker extraordinaire Nutt, shifting the batsmen was proving both difficult and costly. So it proved.

After 35 overs and a massive 230 on the board the heavens opened. Howes claimed poor visibility as he attempted to run up through hail stones (yes – hail!) and needing no further excuse a perfectly orchestrated synchronised dash for the clubhouse followed. Amazing where the energy suddenly comes from when essential!

Hail and rain fell for about 20 minutes and an early tea was the obvious answer. WMD had already racked up too many and with only 5 overs remaining it was assumed the lost time could be made up with a declaration (or at worst a reduction to a 35 over game).
After much ruminating the visitors bizarrely elected to come out after tea and add to what would have been a formidable total even without the ‘freshening up' of the wicket with an application of ice!

50 more runs were conceded by a clearly less than impressed fielding side, and what was a tough ask suddenly became ridiculous.

280 on what was now a wicked surface was never going to happen.

To the home side’s credit, 5 batters applied themselves and got into double figures – but it was a case of just waiting for the ball to take off or keep low. Chiz was the pick as he rode some luck and batted as fluently as the conditions allowed. On another day the timing and effort would have easily seen him past 50.

Elsewhere it was just a case of luck. If you got the flyer early on, you’d had it.

The subsequent losing margin of 150 runs demonstrated the importance a toss makes when conditions change so dramatically. To be fair to WMD they bowled well (after batting well) but could have made more friends by 1/ turning up on time and 2/ taking the sensible option of declaring and at least going part of the way to making it an enjoyable afternoon all round. They’d still have won by 100!