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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 8 / 5 / 2011 Prince of Wales Home (YW) Won by 9 wickets. Oppo 92 Old Mo 93-1.



Saturday’s tropical storms subsided and by Sunday morning the sun shone and the pitch started drying out. The relocation from Britannic to The Graveyard seemed to crash the opposition sat navs but arrive they eventually did. In the meantime the home skipper had sympathetically agreed to let the Prince have a go at batting whilst their tail end dribbled in. And they just about dribbled in time………… and by kick off just a smattering of sawdust was required to assist the bowlers mince-up.

The skip elected to use the usual opening bowlers Raj and Guy who promptly had their batteries changed after the first over to allow the patient to recover slightly. However figures of 3 for 3 off two overs and 2 for 12 off three prompted a re-think! Lord Frost got possession of the ball through sleight of hand and had twirl…………. But 4 for 18 off 4 overs wasn’t in the script to elongate the game! So round the hat went and out popped Messrs Nutt, Green and Sehdeva who finally heeded the skipper’s instructions. They were helped by Prince Jack who worked out where the middle was and promptly carved an impressive 50. A comparatively miraculous come back that saw the Prince eventually post 92 all out off 22.5 overs.

Mother Sehdava’s Pakora was not due to make an appearance for at least another hour, so the Fitmen kicked off the reply. A steady opening stand of 50 was ably assisted by extras, and whilst the clever money was on an early tea, the home team’s top 3 managed to stretch it out to 18 overs before cruising home. An extended tea interval was followed by a 10 over a side thrash to give everyone a run around and all departed home happy…………….

Special mention to Edward Green (son of 4-0-13-0) who demonstrated his baking acumen with a delicate sponge and deeply satisfying flapjacks. Sunny’s position as Spicy Chicken Wings supremo was called in to question by Raj’s culinary skills (plenty of time for a come back Sunny).

To stretch the match report out due to a lack of things to report– here’s the first (and last?) of a special feature:

Beer of the Day - Hopping Hare
Hopping Hare has a light and crisp with a wonderful hoppy aroma and bite, it is an ale that is 'bound to satisfy'. Brewed originally in Spring 2006 and trialled at the Great British Beer Festival, Hopping Hare (4.5% ABV) was a great hit, and sold out despite a repeat supermarket sweep by the Ashfield Bar Stewards.

Following this success and taking on comments and feedback from customers MACC may add it to their weekly programme. It is now available on draught in all good cricketing establishments for a limited time each year from about now to the end of the season. To give the Hare its distinctive and characteristic hoppy aroma and taste their talented team of brewers use Super Styrian hops (added twice to the Copper) and Styrian Goldings Dry Hop added to cask for extra aroma.

Availability: Available in selected supermarkets. Hopping Hare, 4.5% ABV, is available in 500ml clear glass bottles for pure indulgence.