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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Wed 25 / 5 / 2011 Bournville Mis-shapes Home (YW) Lost by 3 runs. Oppo 120-6. Old Mo 117-8.


Bournville Mis-shapes 119-7; Fitmen 117-9
Mis-shapes win by 2 runs

Young Bucks and Old Veg – a report from the opposition

In a bid to swing the odds in favour of the Fitmen, Secretary Howarth brought the ‘traditional’ Bournville Youth fixture forward by a month or two. The plan partly worked since the potency of Ralphie the Tooth Extractor was exiled at University in Wales.
However he had underestimated the youthful talent available in the chocolaty suburb as the plan ultimately backfired – but it was close!

Home skipper Frost waited until the coin landed before calling – and staggeringly still called wrong. The Yooff elected to bat first following the breaking news that keeper Tom was still stranded on a bus in the black country.

Opening up for the visitors, Feraz clearly had been watching the IPL and was on a mission to attack the 9th green on the adjoining Moseley Golf Course. Tragically the IPL dancing girls would have made a better fist of it and he duly sacrificed his wicket without getting within 6 inches of any of the first 3 balls.

However things could only get better…………………and Stephens J and Curtis C made the most of the left and right combination posting a decent opening partnership before an ill-timed hook from the latter led to a mini batting crisis.

Fortunately the life support system kicked in and the impressive son-of-a-fitman (cruelly denied his ton when he last turned out for the hosts) eventually made a forceful 50 ably supported by Cole M (Miss) and various other cloggers negating the panic button needing to be struck. There were sighs of relief all round as Stephens A unstrapped the pads without needing to show ‘em how it’s done.

A target of 119 was probably about par – maybe slightly above, but anything can happen, and it duly did.

Bitch Rice opened up for the FitMeisters and bludgeoned his way to 43 seemingly having taken the hosts to the brink of victory in partnerships with Messrs Howarth and Green. At the half way stage it was pretty much all over……………….or so they though……
Tactical changes in the bowling brought it’s rewards and the impressive Chavda guesting for Bournville caused alarm with controlled and effective leggies, Humza was a revelation and Stephens J tied down the other end - and suddenly it was all back on.

3 run outs and a drying boundary (post Rice’s assault on the clubhouse) meant a tight finish and a combination of the Young Buck (Stephens J) at one end and the Old Veg (Caesar A) at the other kept the Fitmen at bay……………..just…………