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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Thu 14 / 7 / 2011 Old Doms Away Tied Old Mo 162-1. Oppo 162-6.


All Tied Up…………………..roll up for the return leg at Wast Hills!

A quite remarkable game of cricket at Bromsgrove resulted in a rare tie following a high scoring contest.

Captain Jim called heads……………….and we were inserted. Always a run fest, Ash started off by forgetting where the stumps were closely followed by front foot amnesia to give them a flying start, aided and abetted by Ralphie at the other end. 20 off the first 2 looked ominous!
Then they both switched the radar on, and Doms obliged by spilling 4 wickets to suddenly have them at a precarious 30 odd for 4 after 5. Some tight stuff from El Presidente kept the pressure up and at the half way stage 5 wickets were down and only 50 odd to show.

The 2nd half of the Doms innings bore no reflection of the first as they (at last) dug in and played as if they meant to last the full 20 overs….which they did and to good effect. A fine display of controlled hitting by their young maestro took apart some ( a small ‘some’)decent bowling.

A word of sympathy as Aid spectacularly tumbled off the economy rate leaderboard as he felt the full force of the host’s in form bat. His bowling at the death wasn’t actually bad (other boled way more wayward stuff down the leg side) but he was dispatched with aplomb.
Self flagellation was the order of the day and retreat to the sanctuary of the hairdressing salon………..the water pistol fight seemed to divert his dark mood for a while.

A final score of 162 looked tough……but we’ve done it before!

A steady opening partnership between Tom and Rich trolled along at about 5 an over before the BiceMeister eagerly anticipating a pulled six only to see the ball scuttle onto middle stump. After the mighty ton the previous weekend, Mr Bice was back in the hutch early for once.
Cue the Butch and Tom show. They steadily pushed to score on, mainly in singles and twos on a warm evening that took its toll. It was all well and good shouting encouragement from the relative safety of the pavilion, but the sheer number of singles and twos meant that both batsmen were struggling to turn these into two and threes (though one of them struggled more than the other!).

A fine 50 for both mean that suddenly with 4 overs remaining a (relatively) modest increase in pace to 12 an over could see the Fitmen in with a shout. A big ask though as this pair had been ratcheting up the rate for the previous 5 overs as well – and mostly run.

A tired Butch finally was snared on 52 leaving 20 required off the last over………………..couldn’t be done could it?

Cometh the hour…cometh the growl as Sharif turned back the years. Last over………in fact last 4 balls required 16 to win and 15 to tie. Too much? 2,6,6,1…………..I thank you!

Man of the match Tom – as controlled a performance of quality straight batting as we’ve seen for some time. Mostly straight and mostly run…….67 of ‘em!