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Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 14 / 8 / 2011 Blackwood Home (YW) Lost by 7 wickets. Old Mo 166 Oppo 167-3.


The return of the prodigal youth
Old Mo 166 all out
Blackwood 167-3
Blackwood win by 7 wickets

Well it all started out well and then completely came off the rails…………answers on a postcard!

Captain Tucker (cue limericks or rhyming couplets) won the toss and elected to bat on a wicket that seemed to be batsman friendly. The opening pair of Butch and Bice duly got themselves in and then began playing shots. All going according to plan so far. A century opening partnership was just what the doctor ordered and it duly appeared after about 18 overs – an excellent platform it seemed.

Some lovely flicks and drives by both batsmen indicated that a target of 200+ was needed and preferably 250 to allow the FitBowlers some leaway.

A couple of overs before the drinks interval Rich decided to open up and try to catch up Butch - who had passed his half century with apparent ease. But a mistimed drive lead to his down fall (38) and was closely followed by Butch (57). The next pair looked OK and seemed to be taking up where B&B left off.

However Martin’s famous ‘wasteline’ (the umpire clearly thought it around his neck now - which is an understandable call really) suffered from being upwardly mobile as he pulled a beamer to the eager hands of mid wicket, and the skip followed pretty soon lbw. Both (of course) claim innocence but given Aid appears to have made this a habit m’thinks they protested too much. ‘Guilty’ came the verdict from behind the stumps. They’d both got into high teens, so there was no great panic (yet) and some batting to come.

What happened next was quite remarkable even by our very (sometimes) high standards of incompetence. This season we’ve done well to rescue potential calamaties, but if you are going to have a collapse, may as well make it spectacular.

The bowling wasn’t anything special – that’s not to take anything away form the oppo but it was a batsman friendly wicket. Fair play to Blackwood they stuck to it and put it in the right areas hoping for assistance from the batsmen…………and they got it in bucket loads.
The last 6 wickets went for less than 10 runs, and from 103-0 we suddenly found ourselves back in the pavilion chomping the pakora for 166. At least 40, probably 50 and in an ideal world about 70 runs too short. The Prodigal son returned, claiming to have found employment as a toy boy armed only with an PGCE, and departed as the golden gigolo.

Setting 4 runs an over on the track would need a Nutt-esque performance from someone……….tragically the maestro wasn’t playing!
The talk at the tea interval included the Jowett cake, beautifully iced with a green outfield and a white bat…………shame the cake was too big for the tin, but even after the lids had welded itself to the icing we could see the loving devotion that had been lavished……………and ate it. Encona for the second week running to accompany the ‘Pakoraj’ was gratefully demolished but no Sunny’s Delight.

How we could have done with that fine all rounder………….mainly for his chicken wings is unfair (but probably true).

The skip orated to his troops , orchestrated a team huddle, led high tens all round and…….then we snapped out of the recollections of those heady hours at Edgbaston as England cruised to the number one slot.

What happened next was pretty much a mirror of the Fitmen innings for the next 20 overs (ie pre collapse). A minor hiccup and some tight mid innings bowling dragged the response out a bit longer than at one stage it looked like it might last, but the result was never in doubt, just the question of when and how many wickets we could sneak first.

The answer was 3.
2 from 3rd change Syd followed by a glorious couple of overs from Jonny Ashton in his first competitive game for 2 seasons. He took a marvellous catch off Syd’s then collected his own ‘one-for’. That was about it really…………..fast outfield, no drops but no real chances.

Onwards ever onwards………………….Stratford on Sunday!
A ‘prize draw’ from the fixture bureau and will be pleasant to play on a fine outfield and luxuriate in the 5 start clubhouse. Book your slot in the team with Raj ASAP.
PS Thanks to Blackwood – always a pleasure to have team stop after the game for a pint (or 2) and a natter!