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Fixtures and Results | Match Reports

Date Against H/A Link Result Captain/Score
Sun 4 / 9 / 2011 Lapworth Away Won by 8 wickets. Oppo 125 Old Mo 126-2.


After a memorable tour of Hereford a good all-round Fitmen team assembled at the picturesque Lapworth ground.

Despite ominous looking rain clouds and the loss of Ralphie (poorly back), Captain for the day, Butcher, asked Lapworth to bat. His decision looked an excellent one, when first Ash (bouyed by a full stomach and hydrated limbs) bowled the opener with an absolute beauty, and then the King of Swing - The Rajastan Express, trapped his partner LBW, despite only muffled appeals.

Ash back to his volcanic best was unplayable, and only some shaky work from the slip cordon (yes cordon!) stopped him from taking more wickets. Raj then swung the ball hugely to bowl the number 3, and with the score at 12 for 3 off 8 overs, a rout was on the cards. Now there have been some legendry names to have come on 1st change for the Fitmen over the years, (Brentnall, Sapey, Howes..) but the sight of Tom Caesar twirling down his occasional off-breaks brought a tear to this reporters eyes (well he did get me out twice in the nets). Once Tom had found his radar, he did beat the outside egde on numerous occasions with flight, guile and cunning and was un-lucky not to grab some wickets. Man of Tour, Martin, trundled away at the top end with re-newed confidence after a hellish July/August, especially after Tucker, standing up, took a smart low catch in the 12th over to put Lapworth at 18-4.

The Lapworth captain, batting at 6, then played an excellent innings, scoring 50 odd - especially enjoying Sharif's full tosses, to finally get the scorecard moving. Martin and Sharif combined smartly to get the number 4 Run Out, but on his favourite ground (9 wickets and 96 runs in 2 appearances) hero for the day, Rich Harris bowling seam up delivered 7 overs of pacey, accurate stuff, to nip out 4 wickets for only 18 runs - 3 bowled, and a well taken catch by Sharif to finally end their Captain's resistance.

Ash and Raj both came back to finish off their spell, but an excellent 11th Wicket stand of 36 ensured that the Fitmen had to work hard to keep the score to 125 All Out. Special mention to Ash's stats of 8overs 3 Maidens, 2 wickets for 6 runs!

Following the previous week-ends tea of cold chicken kiev plucked from the freezers of Iceland, the Lapworth tea has to be right up there in the top 1 for the season. Labelled sandwiches, indian delights, cheese and pineapple on sticks...fresh cream cakes, this was the stuff of legend. 2nd's and in some cases 3rds were devoured and thanks given to the tea lady for such a fantastic spread.

Gary Singh and Rob Green opened up to some good accurate bowling, but with Mr Green's wife throwing up at home, and being a full blown metrosexual, Green modified his normally sedate style and attacked with pulls and drives and really only dealt in boundaries. Gary departed with the score on 25, and with an eye on the Fitmen stats for his 1,000 runs, Butcher strode to the crease. With both players looking to attack the score of 125 suddenly looked very achievable. Butcher devoured anything short with cuts and pulls, and when Green decided to retire on 36 (i hope Mrs Green appreciated the sacrifice of a certain 50!) the score was well into the 90's.

Butcher departed, sweeping, for 42 with the game already tied up, leaving Tom and Ade to knock off the necessary 20 odd in contrasting styles of elegance and brute force - I will let the reader decide whose style was whose.

A good 8 wicket victory, played for the majority of the match in lovely sunshine, which thank god, lead to minimal moaning from Sharif!